May 18, 2023

National Volunteering Week 2023

It’s already Thursday of National Volunteering Week, it is flying in. Today we have our fourth volunteer story.

Today’s story is from Aaron, who shares his experience of how he has received so much back by giving his time to volunteer.

“Gluais is a voluntary youth leadership training programme in several Dublin West/ Kildare secondary schools. Gluais gives students the skills to work as a team and make a difference in their school. It is a unique experience for students and volunteers. Students get to meet people they would never otherwise have the opportunity to and learn so much about themselves along the way. As volunteers, we get the privilege of supporting students to achieve their best in the programme and watch them grow. Over the years, I’ve also learned a lot about myself and have some unforgettable memories and lifelong friends.”

Volunteer Leader- Aaron