February 14, 2024

Find out more about our Organisation Volunteering Hub

We are thrilled to announce an exciting update to our service that will empower you to have greater control and visibility over your organisation’s information. We understand the importance of efficiently managing your organisation’s details and volunteer opportunities. With this in mind, we’re introducing a set of features designed to streamline your experience and enhance your engagement called the Community Hub

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

View and Edit Organisation Details:
Easily access and update your organisation’s information, ensuring it’s always accurate and up to date.

Browse Volunteer Opportunities:
See a comprehensive list of your available volunteer opportunities, both active and deactivated.

Edit and Clone Volunteer Opportunities:
Modify existing volunteer opportunities to suit your requirements better, or replicate successful opportunities with just a few clicks.

Activate or Deactivate Opportunities:
Manage the visibility of your volunteer opportunities by activating or deactivating them as needed, ensuring your listings are always relevant.

Create New Contacts:
Seamlessly add new contacts for your organisation, facilitating better communication.

The Community Hub is a secure password password-protected website

We believe these enhancements will empower you to make the most of your involvement with the Community Hub, providing you with the tools you need to manage your organisation’s presence and volunteer roles effectively.

To register for the Community Hub, or for more information
contact Deirdre McNicholas deirdre@volunteersouthdublin.ie

Tel: 0860757282