February 26, 2024

South Dublin Newsletter February 2024

We are delighted to welcome you to the inaugural edition of the South Dublin Volunteer Centre Newsletter! We are always dedicated to connecting passionate organisations with meaningful opportunities to make a difference.

Our volunteer centre has been at the heart of the South Dublin community for many years, serving as a trusted resource for both volunteers and organisations alike. Our mission is simple yet powerful: To offer equal opportunities to all sections of the community to participate in meaningful voluntary activity.

What to Expect from Our Newsletters:

In our newsletters, you’ll find resources, updates, and opportunities tailored specifically for volunteer-involving organisations like yours. From upcoming events and training sessions to best practice and success stories, our aim is to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively engage and empower volunteers.

As a volunteer centre we provide different services and support  all our organisations. 

You don’t know how to do garda vetting or how start garda vetting process? We can help you with this.

We deliver a garda vetting service to not for profits across South Dublin.

You have an upcoming event and need volunteers for it? No, problem!

We were the first volunteer centre to develop an events volunteering program. Our centre has  a great Community Volunteers team who assist at plenty of different events and would be glad to help you
as well.

Your organisation need support in Volunteer Management Software or Website Design support? We also can assist you in it.

We provide an IT support service for not for profits organisations.

Are you interested in establishing contacts with other organisations and would like to receive advice on attracting volunteers?

Join our Volunteer Managers Forum and Free Online Training from Volunteer Ireland and the National Network of Volunteer Centres.

For more information go to our site 

Become a part of THRIVE: Involving Volunteers program! 

THRIVE is a program that helps to create and develop meaningful volunteering positions for displaced people. This program aligns with the regular volunteering that your organisation already know but specifically focuses on displaced volunteers. It is a collaboration between the four Dublin volunteer centres.

In this program:

We’ll explore your organisational needs;

We’ll share ideas and provide support and guidance tailored to your needs;

We will provide templates and help you develop inclusive volunteering roles;

We will promote your roles to a diverse range of volunteers.

Our colleague Sandra is supporting organisations in this program. If you would like to learn more about THRIVE please contact her.

sandra@volunteersouthdublin.ie or call 0833799823.

A Little advice for today: How to involve more volunteers.

Steps before involving volunteers:

– Ask yourself why you want to involve volunteers; your expectations about your volunteering role and what is expected of volunteers;

– Develop and implement a recruitment plan. Think about the way  volunteers will apply, who do they contact and how, where are you going to recruit, what screening is required, what information and recruitment message are you trying to put out there in order to reach the best applicants for the role. Also think about what will be good outcomes for both the volunteer and your organisation;

-Create you role with a clear role description. Your volunteer centre will make this role live on the VC site.

-Welcome your new volunteers.

You can post new opportunities for your organisation from our site.

Post an opportunity

We are here to help and support your organisation.

We believe that collaboration is key to achieving our shared goals. Whether you’re seeking volunteers for an upcoming project, or simply want to share your feedback and suggestions, we invite you to reach out and get involved!

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Together, we can make positive change and build a stronger, more united community for all.

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