July 5, 2023

Facts about displaced people volunteering in Ireland

A few fun facts about displaced people who are volunteering in Ireland
  • Displaced people do not need a work permit in order to volunteer
  • Displaced people can be identified by their blue cards and PPSN cards; where they are from and who they are
  • When a displaced person arrives in Ireland for International Protection, biometrics are taken
  • Displaced people are able to provide references from where they stay ,where they have worked or volunteered before in Ireland
  • Not all displaced people are traumatized and have mental health issues that could hinder them from adequately delivering their volunteering roles
  • Displaced people possess various skills and expertise that can be used to deliver various volunteering roles
  • Not all displaced people can not speak fluent English
  • Not all persons of colour are displaced people, displaced people are from all over the world and are not defined by colour or race
  • Displaced people are ordinary people who have moved from their country of origin due to various factors in most cases fleeing to protect their lives.
  • Displaced people look forward to integrating into the Irish community through volunteering