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What is TrustIE?

TrustIE is a brand new pilot programme to help voluntary organisations to recruit new trustees (board or steering group members). We will support you to refine trustee recruitment before introducing you to volunteers and helping you to find the perfect fit.

Participation is free of charge! At this event, you will receive training from The Wheel on how to know if your board is ready to grow and what you should bear in mind for trustee recruitment. Then the Volunteer Centre will help you work with your peers to craft the perfect role description for your board.

Agenda for this event:

  • Welcome and introduction to the programme
  • Training from The Wheel: board readiness and skills analysis
  • Workshop from Galway Volunteer Centre: Crafting your role description
  • Next steps

What do you need to do?

We ask that organisations have buy-in from any relevant people, such as the existing board/management committee and senior staff members. We will be holding a recruitment event with interested volunteers in October, and we ask that participants use this to fill their vacancies.


  1. Who is running TrustIE?

TrustIE is a collaborative project run by Volunteer Centres in: Cork, Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, Fingal, Galway and South Dublin County.

  1. What is TrustIE?

It is a pilot programme to help charities recruit new board/steering committee members while also reaching out to a new pool of potential volunteers, who have the skills, but may not have considered volunteering on a board.

  1. Why are you running this pilot programme?

The charities we serve were asking us for help to recruit volunteers for their boards. In particular, smaller charities were reporting recruitment challenges. Collectively, we have almost 100,000 volunteers registered with our centres, some of whom would be ideally placed to fill these roles after awareness and upskilling. As a pilot project, we are targeting our registered volunteers to see if we can help make suitable matches.

  1. Who should attend the Volunteer-Involving workshops?

Whomever is responsible for board recruitment in the organisation. This might be the manager and/or the Chair of the board. You can order one or two tickets for your organisation.

  1. Who is funding this pilot?

Pilot funding is gratefully received from the Department of Rural and Community Development. The press release is here.