At Dublin City Volunteer Centre we are always inspired to hear about people’s experience as a volunteer and we would love to share those stories with more people so they too can be inspired!

From 13-19th May Dublin City Volunteer Centre will participate in the National Volunteer Week. All over Ireland there will be events that celebrate volunteers and volunteering with this year theme set around the definition of volunteering. Who is a volunteer? What is volunteering? Where do volunteers…volunteer!

To help us understand what volunteering look like for different people and what it means to them, we are asking volunteers to write down their stories, take a picture of themselves and send to us. These stories will then be shared on social media in the National Volunteer Week to highlight and celebrate all definitions, work and journeys of volunteers all over Ireland.

If you would like to share your story please email them to  and have a chance of winning two tickets to Beatyard 2019!

Here’s some questions to help you start:

1. Why did you think you would like to start volunteering?

2. What have you gained from volunteering?

3. What has been your most memorable moment as a volunteer.

Closing date is the 8th May! We will do a live draw on FB to announce the winner.

P.S : There are lots of ways people volunteer, official/ unofficial, long-term/ short-term, it all makes an impact and so we want to here about it! You can check out Sherry’s story here.